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What is Qigong?

Qigong is at the heart of many martial arts, and involves gentle exercises that focus on three main elements – breathing, posture and mind. There are a great many types of Qigong exercise, ranging from the easy to the challenging – at the School we begin by teaching the Eight Pieces of Silk Brocade. This ancient set of movements combines stretches and visualisations, including ‘Cow turns to gaze at the moon’ and ‘Crane washes its wings’. It is the perfect introduction to the practice, and although simple to learn, its benefits are immeasurable.

What will Qigong do for me?

As with Tai Chi, Qigong promotes good physical and mental health through the cultivation of Chi. It helps to restore vitality by creating feelings of peace and tranquillity, and also helps conserve energy, aid digestion and build up resistance to disease.

In addition it massages the abdomen, releases tension in joints, ligaments and muscles and allows the blood to flow freely around the body.

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