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Tai Chi Life brings ancient wisdom into modern contexts, helping people discover health and harmony through Tai Chi practices.

Our accessible classes emphasise mindfulness, mobility and stress reduction - teaching techniques that students can integrate into their daily lives.

The goal is to cultivate awareness and focus to help people become well-rounded human beings. Through small exercises woven into city living, students can experience positive lifestyle changes leading to inner peace.

We believe mindful movement and meditation should not be confined to remote retreats - but rather that the philosophies underpinning Tai Chi offer peaceful paths to self-improvement within urban environments.



Led by founder and senior instructor Barry McGinlay, a world champion with over 30 years experience, our instructors blend tradition with a modern Tai Chi approach. Classes are enriched by each teacher’s unique strengths. Emma Lee focuses on control and endurance using her champion push hands techniques. Joelle Simpson draws from diverse bodywork disciplines to instill confidence and self-awareness.

"Barry brings a certain clarity and joy to his teaching, making it accessible to any and everyone. His approach is contemporary yet grounded and he is very much a, ‘practice what you preach’ man."

James D’Silva

"I have learnt the short form, practiced partner exercises to see how to use the moves to defend myself and embraced the philosophies behind Tai Chi."

Kim Stokes

"Barry is an amazing teacher who embodies martial arts and practices and applies its principles throughout his life. It is an honour to know him."

Alex May

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